5K in 6 days! / by Annabeth McNamara

Dear everyone,

We raised $5,000 in 6 days!

My girl-band, Larkspur, launched a Kickstarter fundraiser at the beginning of the month. We weren't sure we'd make our goal, so we hedged our bets and asked for 5K as an extremely modest sum for an album.

Due to an up-swelling in support we couldn't have imagined, we made that goal in just 6 days.

It feels really remarkable to have some of the energy I've put out there, touring and gigging and wearing my heart on my sleeve, coming back full circle.

Of course all this money will go straight back into the project to feed and nurture my craft.

Our minimum goal covers the very basic costs of recording to create digital files.

Now we're focusing on our next goal of $10K, so we can really *do this album right.* 

Click the link below to visit our page. There's a video update and details about what the next 5K will be used for.

There are also exclusive merch options you might wanna check out before they're all sold out...

See you there!

Go to the Kickstarter



Explore the arts of West Virginia this weekend

I'm excited to be a part of the festivities at this up-and-coming arts festival in Davis, WV. This is a very special corner of the country which has popped up with many talented artists quietly making art in this quaint town with a backdrop of wild nature.

More Upcoming Shows

Photo by Renee Byrd www.willfrolicforfood.com

Photo by Renee Byrd www.willfrolicforfood.com

As a small life update, my days have become quite, quite full. As a highly-sensitive person, I can only handle doing a few things a day. This becomes problematic when my jill-of-all-trades skills start becoming in high demand! #firstworldproblems

Yesterday I hosted my first-ever student concert at my home. It was adorable, to say the least. I never thought I'd find so much satisfaction and pride in the accomplishments of children. These days I'm just trying to shine the light on their innate awesomeness, as we tackle the Mountain of Music Theory that lies before us.

I'll also be creating another Midsummer's Masquerade at IX Art Park in Charlottesville, VA, which will be happening July 8th. Along similar lines, we're planning a Lillith-Fair type of event later on in the month. 

Moral of the story

Building a musical career winds up being a lot like patching together a quilt from seemingly disparate skill-sets. It's not always ideal, but it keeps my dreams warm...

And what are my dreams? To live a life of creativity, in harmony with nature, helping to awaken myself and others to the beauty-drenched heaven that is all around us, if we open our eyes, if we open our hearts...