Day-dreams / by Annabeth McNamara

Here's a bit of reflecting on life and performance of late:

The other night at a concert singing back-up, I finally got to sing sans-instrument. Usually I'm saddled behind one of many instruments, plucking and plunking away.

Not this evening, though.

It was just me and the microphone. My arms were free to flow with the melody, my hips free to catch a ride on the drum beat.

 I got to wear myself out under the spotlight like a delicate moth dizzy under the lamp. 

At times, there was no interaction between my mind and my physical body-- my own corporeal sentience entered into relationship with the full sound behind me. The animal of my blood and bones allowed itself to be animated.




I have stopped using affirmations and visualizations so much and have started to just open myself to embrace my life, in all its positives and negatives. To be bigger than the sum of all my successes and failures-- to know the shape of my own soul and rest conscious, letting everything flow within its confines.

To see life's experiences as a fascinating, miraculous mirror, washing up at my feet an endless array of marvels, born of the dance between my own imagination and my subconscious mind.

In this endless process, I am like the rough rock along the coast-line tumbled by each wave life washes over me.

All parts of me caught up in a slow dissolve back into the oneness of the ocean and the infinity of sands.

Each wave unique, but the same intonation as it thrums the coastline: "Love, inhale, love, exhale, love, inhale, love, exhale..."


 * * * * * * *

thanks to everyone who watched my music video and shared the love :)

Some of you have mentioned you re-watch it regularly for giggles. Yay!