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ANNUAL, not monthly PATRON

If you’re interested in being my patron, but prefer to pay with check, or do a one-time payment, peruse the options and fill out the form below.

Seed $12

I consider this the best birthday present. :) Thank you so much for your support! I’ll send you a digital album download link for any albums I release publicly.

sprouts $36

At the end of each calendar year, you will get your choice of a digital download of mp3’s or a compilation CD in the mail. This will consist of all singles I released to my patreons that year.

This is your front row ticket. Anytime I’m live-streaming a show online, which is typically once a quarter. Just let me know you’d like to attend and I will send you the link! You’ll also get everything listed in “SPROUTS.”

Sapling $60


I’ll add you to my private Facebook group where you’re basically my board of directors! Plus you’ll get everything listed in “SAPLING.”

BUDS $120

Once a month, I’ll send you a postcard of my original track art to go along with a song I’ve released. You can keep this as a colorful momento of a musical moment in time. Plus you’ll get everything listed in “TWIGS.”

Thank you deeply for your generosity. You'll get associate producer credit on songs, music videos, and albums I release while you're a patron. You'll go down in my music history!

CAnopy $550

Work with me for an hour per month, for a total of 12 sessions throughout the year. I offer a mix of any of the following: recording in my home audio-visual studio, music lessons on voice/banjo/ukulele/guitar/ piano/autoharp, lessons on using recording software and equipment, creativity coaching, photoshoot, brand/web support, or tea time hangout. This time could totally transform your creative life!

Bloom $900

You are my angel investor, and a will be a HUGE part of my success story. You will be credited as such, listed in any tracks, albums, and videos throughout the year as my “Executive Producer.” You’ll also get everything listed in “BUDS.” THANK YOU TIMES A THOUSAND!

FOREST $1200


Simply submit your email and as much info as you’d care to, and I’ll email you shortly about payment. Or you can send me money via PayPal at my old email address: moonbanjo(@) I’m so excited to connect you to my music in this way!!

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