one-on-one music LESSONS

Study with a real singer-songwriter, recording-artist, multi-instrumentalist, & international performer.


Topics of Study:

  • Begginer-Intermediate Piano

    • emphasis on music theory, technique, sight-reading

      • we'll learn a challenging concert piece of your choice each season

  • Beginner Guitar

    • I love starting from scratch and learning theory and chords

      • We'll choose songs you love and learn them as covers

  • Beginner-Intermediate Banjo

    • Claw-hammer old-time style

    • Indie-style I devoloped myself

  • Beginner Ukulele

    • I've written an entire album on ukulele and delight in this "mini-guitar"

    • A great first step into music.

      • Learn easy classics and discover notes and chords along the way.


Additional areas of expertise:

Singing at the Charlottesville Sprint Pavillion.

Singing at the Charlottesville Sprint Pavillion.

  • Songwriting

    • I can support your song-writing, as I'm an accomplished, prolific songwriter

  • Alexander Technique

    • I've studied several months with Sandra Bain Cushman of Orchestral Movements.

      • I can share the basic principles I've learned to staying in dynamic alignment for pain-free, proper technique.

Photo by  Guillermo Ubilla





  • Voice

    • I can share the tips and tricks I've learned to perfect my vocal performance by taking Christina Aguilera's master class and studying for a month with both Heather Hightower and Madeleine Holly-Salles.

      • This is a great 15-minute add-on to an instrument lesson of choice.

  • Recording

    • I have a mobile studio set-up where I can capture student's sounds and share the fundamentals of recording.



Photo by  Renee Byrd

Photo by Renee Byrd

  • Creative Coaching

    • I can help you through blocks and confusion to bring out the artist within

      • I'm currently studying at Leah Campbell's Art School via The Life Coach School.


  • 10 years of private piano lessons with Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. Byler in Harrisonburg, VA.

  • B.A. from Prescott College in Fine Arts, where I combined studies of Appalachian music, improvisational dance, visual arts, and performance.

  • Received two grants from Prescott College to make two albums and a multi-media lyric book.

  • Recorded 6+ full-length albums and featured on several others.

  • Went on 5 international tours and 2 national tours performing solo with my banjo and ukulele.

  • Began teaching in 2012.

  • Have since worked with students age 7-70 (or thereabouts), mostly female.

  • Employed by Music & Arts Teaching Studios for the past 3 years.


Mission Statement

Music has been a lifeline for me-- it's always been there no matter what. It's a touch-stone I can always reach for, as easy as reaching out to a warm wooden instrument and seeking the harmonies latent in its strings.

Music is this magical key to my life-- I can sing and suddenly I'm present, filled with oxygen and resonant frequencies that please my bones. I can sing with others and suddenly we're connecting in a rapturous state of transcendence. I can sing and suddenly I'm plunged into a watery world of wavelengths where I can shut my eyes and dive beneath the waves and forget my troubles, erase my troubles, or express my frustrations and swim past them.

Teaching takes all this another step along the path to share my knowledge. It's like I get to press the golden keys and hand them out to the beautiful people who have come to knock on the door to music. Through accessing this portal, they can learn to speak and write and dance and live and breathe this medium as well...

For me, music is a landscape, a wondrous place made up of soundwaves of different colors and shapes. I love to take the student's hand and lead them into this land, where we can briefly take respite from the constant demands of modern life.


Imagine for a moment, this magical land:

Jazz is to the west, folk is to the east, broadway is to the north, and bossa nova is to the south. Rhythm and percussion is at the highest height, melody is deep in the forest, and harmony is out on the ocean. Lyrics are the roads and paths that weave them all together. 

This is a mystical land of adventure, where strong emotions are welcomed. Where being highly sensitive is a crucial asset. Where good taste is discovered and refined. Where creative identity and artistic confidence is formed.

In each student, I see a Great Creative. I KNOW that with time and diligence, they can become the wonderful musician they dream to be. I am happy to be their guide in the sometimes overwhelming world of music potential.

In this musical land, we can just BE, in the flow.  The greatest technique is to become completely absorbed in the moment. Withour powers combined, we can strive for our dreams, patiently working through challenges, and speaking together in the *secret language of music.*

Take my hand, and we'll explore this wondrous land together.

Next steps

We'll begin simply by setting up an introductory lesson where we can meet and learn more about one another.

Young beginner students often start with 30 minute lessons, which then expand to 45 or 60 minutes when the student is ready. The price for this first month of lessons is $33 per lesson multiplied by the number of lessons in the month. I may charge to come to your home based on traffic and time of commute from downtown Charlottesville, no more than $15 to make up for time and fuel.

I currently teach Sunday afternoons in Charlottesville, VA, as well as Wednesday and Thursday afternoons/early evenings in Staunton. If you're not local, I'm open to teaching via google hangout.

If you feel inspired, please be in touch via my contact page.