Photo by Renee Byrd of @willfrolicforfood

Photo by Renee Byrd of @willfrolicforfood


I'm thrilled to teach you or your child. It is an honor to share the language of music. I find it to be a powerful tool to enrich everyday life.

Below are my policies.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.

Can't wait to see you at our next lesson!

How to contact me:

  • Text is best for being in touch. I check these all day long: 434-373-0001

  • Email is second best. I check it about once a day, Wednesday through Sunday. annabeth.mcnamara(at)

  • Calling/voicemail is an option (number above). I don't have a good signal at my home but can make calls when I'm in town Tuesday-Sunday. My voicemails don't always load onto my phone right away, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Studio address: 2512 Stony Point Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22911. Checks can be mailed here. 

Please use the following directions for your first time, as the turn-off is tricky and my cell service is unreliable.

Coming from Pantops and 250 bypass (just beside the Free Union Bridge), turn onto 20 North, aka Stony Point Rd.

Drive about 4 miles, watching for stopped cars that might be turning off the road (there are no turning lanes, and traffic is fast).

You'll see a road called Wolf Trap going off to the right, a very twisty patch in the road, then Eastham on your right, then Eastham on your left a little farther down the hill.

(Turn on your left turning signal and slow down at this point.)

Just after that, there is a guard rail on the left, with a gap in it. This gap is the turn off for the driveway. It should have a wicker star you can keep an eye out for and the number 2512.

Feel free to park anywhere along the driveway.

My home is a big white house with a main entrance on the porch. If I don't answer for some reason, try the door and step inside, calling my name. I should be nearby. :)

Click here for the google map coming from the Food Lion across the turn onto 20 North. 


In-home Lessons:

I am available to come to your home for a lesson if you have a room set aside where we won't be distracted. Bedrooms can serve for this purpose, but if a student is distracted in that environment, we'll have to find another space.

I charge for traveling to your home a flat rate of $10, plus $1 per mile that I estimate I'll be driving round trip. Let me know your address so I can calculate this.


Here’s what you can expect from me…

  • I will do my best to tailor materials to the student’s interest and needs.

  • I will lead students through the materials at a speed they’re comfortable with.

  • I will return communication in a timely manner, as outlined at the top of the page.

  • I’ll do my best to listen, be there for the student, and befriend them with mutual respect, humor, and care.

  • I will try my best to be on time to lessons and expect the same from you, although we know around c-ville, the traffic can be unpredictable, so I ask for a little patience and will offer the same.

Expectations of student/parent

  • Be as close to on time as possible to all scheduled lessons and please leave at least 5 minutes after the lesson is ended. I work freelance and need to get back to my responsibilities. 

  • Do your best to schedule appointments at times other than our lessons so we don't have to work out our schedules too often, and I'll do the same.

  • Let me know if you see a way I can improve as a teacher. I “practice” teaching, and am always growing and learning.


Books and Fees

On top of tuition, students may be responsible for additional expenses. Typical foreseeable expenses would be, and these are estimates:

  • Music Books: $8-16 estimated per book, as-needed, for student’s learning

  • You may find it advantageous to provide your own notebook/paper/folder (something to take notes on and keep papers straight) and pencil. This will help to keep track of homework.

  • I may lend the student copies of materials to be returned, only written in with pencil.

  • Recital Fee (optional- spring, late summer, and winter): $20  All my students are invited to come together three times a year to share their most accomplished pieces.



My monthly rates are as follows:

$60 per hour

$45 per 3/4 hour

My semester rates are as follows:

$50 per hour (save $10 per lesson)

$40 per 3/4 hour (save $5 per lesson)


*I am willing to do 30-minute lessons for the first month a student is working with me, while we build up a repertoire, set of books, and projects. In general, I find this amount of time to be too short for good, focused learning to occur.

$10 per commute + $1 per mile driven round trip

*This honors the inconvenience and time it takes me to get through Charlottesville traffic to your home, instead of doing other work. I will estimate my round-trip based on where I'm typically coming from and going to after the lesson. This is subject to change if my schedule changes.



Monthly: Lessons are billed monthly by adding up the number of sessions that will occur during the month. I ask for payment at the lesson the week before the month being billed. For example, if your weekly lesson is on Wednesday, you could pay me as late as the Wednesday before the month starts. In future I may start automated payments depending on the technology available and number of students I'm juggling.

Semester: This is a 4-month semester, starting after the second week in January and ending the first week in June.

Weekly: we can set up a recurring weekly or monthly payment via Paypal or Square if you prefer many smaller payments. It is possible to cancel payments on your end, but I do ask 2 weeks notice.

Forms of payment: Cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, Square App. All major cards accepted. I will not be responsible for fees associated with each service. Venmo doesn't charge a fee.

Fine Print regarding payment:

Semester billing notes:

This payment is due two weeks before the semester begins. I prefer a check but can use the payment apps as well. If finances are a concern, I can take up to 3 post-dated checks.

Monthly billing notes:

  • I ask for payment the week before the month to ensure the next month’s lessons are booked in my schedule.

  • Payments received after the 1st of the new month will be considered late, and are subject to a $30 late fee, which will be added to the current invoice.

  • After the 10th of the month, issues with late payments may affect access to booking my studio.

  • If you're on the monthly payment plan and need to end lessons, I need at least 2 weeks notice. Pre-paid lessons can't be refunded.



If either student or teacher has to cancel, it’s up to us to find a time to reschedule within a month, preferably finding another day that week.

If I cancel for any reason, we will make it up.  If I can’t, it will be credited back to you!

I’m flexible with holidays:  we can decide before payment is due for the month of December whether we’ll have lessons on Christmas week, for example. My preference is to do a “make up” as close to the holiday as feels right.  

Cancellation of lessons due to inclement weather will be at my discretion. I typically follow the local school district’s decision on school closures. If weather has made it impossible for the student to get to the studio, but school hasn’t been affected, we can schedule a make up within the month.

I am not required to make up a lesson missed by the student for any reason, but we can work together to find a make-up time if it's canceled 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.

If a student cancels last minute (less than 24 hours), I generally won’t allow a make-up, as respect to setting aside my time as well as planning for the lesson. You can think of it this way: you have bought my time-- if you show up, you get a free lesson! If the student suspects they are at risk for getting sick, better to cancel in advance. Plan ahead and proactively care for your body, as health is a foundation for musical accomplishment (and everything else in life)!

If the student who is an older child mismanaged their schedule or failed to communicate their needs to reschedule, you're encourage to consider having your student accept financial responsibility so that they are more apt to choose a different course of action the next time.

Cancellations: Within 24-hours your appointment cannot be cancelled and you will be charged for the lesson. There are no exceptions to this policy. If you suspect you are getting sick, better to cancel early.

If you know you need to take a week off, we can factor that into billing as long as it’s configured and paid by the lesson before the next month starts. For example, a week where you’ll be out of town, just let me know in advance and I’ll bill you one lesson less for the month.

Security Parents are allowed within ear-shot of the lesson, but not within the room (after the first lesson). I can put a chair/bench in the hallway by the teaching room if requested.

Damage to property: If a member of your family damages my property or equipment, out of respect for what we are trying to do, please offer to make it right.  We are friends here!

Liability: There is very little risk involved with music; however I know that people have accidents. In the event something bad happens, I will be there to provide support to the best of my ability.

I'm looking forward to sharing the gift of music.

Orginal art absrtact painting JAZZ guitar piano music notes -by Khanh Ha

Orginal art absrtact painting JAZZ guitar piano music notes -by Khanh Ha