FAQ's about my Patreon Page by Annabeth McNamara

Hey folks,

In the name of de-cluttering my Patreon welcome page at, I have moved my FAQ’s to this blog post.

What is Patreon?
This page from the creator of Patreon himself should answer this question:

Is Patreon a social platform that I have to keep up with?

Nope! The community aspect is totally optional. The main feature is I can send songs straight to your inbox.

Will you keep my credit card info?
Patreon is a trusted company that handles the billing side. I don't see your card info at all. They'll ONLY charge you when I release an actual song, and you can easily cancel or adjust your pledge at any time. 

How many times will I be charged per month?
I plan to release 1 original song per month, plus an occasional demo, music video, or work of art. If you'd rather be charged monthly, select "Set a monthly max" when you're checking out and choose 1 time.

What if I want to support more than the highest tier or don't want a reward?
Well, that's totally generous. You can simply write in whatever amount pleases you during the check out process. And I will do a happy-cry dance.

Still have questions?
Shoot an email to and I'll walk you through the process. :)

Much love,