FAQ's about my Patreon Page by Annabeth McNamara

Hey folks,

In the name of de-cluttering my Patreon welcome page at, I have moved my FAQ’s to this blog post.

What is Patreon?
This page from the creator of Patreon himself should answer this question:

Is Patreon a social platform that I have to keep up with?

Nope! The community aspect is totally optional. The main feature is I can send songs straight to your inbox.

Will you keep my credit card info?
Patreon is a trusted company that handles the billing side. I don't see your card info at all. They'll ONLY charge you when I release an actual song, and you can easily cancel or adjust your pledge at any time. 

How many times will I be charged per month?
I recently set the payment to monthly, so you’ll be charged once when you sign up, for access to the back-catalogu, as well as on the 1st of the month going forward, for access to future songs!

What if I want to support more than the highest tier or don't want a reward?
Well, that's totally generous. You can simply write in whatever amount pleases you during the check out process. And I will do a happy-cry dance.

I checked out Patreon’s Privacy Policy- will they share my data and information with Facebook or Google?
If you sign up using a Facebook account and your credentials with them, they will absolutely collect information about your use of Patreon. If you’d rather opt out, simply sign up with your email address. If your email address is google, I believe you’re already sharing everything with them, so enjoy the free services in exchange! :) :(

I don’t like to put my credit card info on websites. Is there an alternative?
If you are comfortable using PayPal, simply make sure you’ve added a credit card to your PayPal account and you can skip giving Patreon your payment info. Paypal is secure and encrypted, and offers a Purchase Protection service that can cover you if there’s damages. Paypal may be safer than using a credit card or check, because your information is stored in a “vault” offline.

If you're diligent about keeping your PayPal password different than other financial account passwords, and you avoid clicking on any email or web links that don't seem authentic (ask PayPal if you're unsure), your chances of having a safe and enjoyable user experience on the platform are solid.

Still have questions?
Shoot an email to and I'll walk you through the process. :)

Much love,