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 Photo by Guillermo Ubilla

Photo by Guillermo Ubilla


Take lessons with a real singer-songwriter.

Hi. So glad you made it to my lesson page.

I currently specialize in teaching music theory on piano and guitar.

I also teach claw-hammer and indie banjo, ukulele, voice, and songwriting. The foundational knowledge of reading and understanding music can then be further applied to singing, song-writing, recording, and learning other instruments. These aspects can be added into lessons as the student advances and shows interest in the subject. 

I enjoy paying forward the wonderful private music education I received growing up. After 10 years of classical training on piano, I was ready to take on guitar and banjo, compose my own songs, and start performing out in the community.

Since then, I've had a wild ride of touring the country as well as Europe, sharing old-time, folk, and original songs.

In 2012 I graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Fine Arts. I began teaching music then and have been honing my teaching style ever since, with a special interest in discovering what motivates the student be driven and passionate in their studies.

For me, music is a landscape, a wondrous place made up of soundwaves of different colors and shapes. I love to take the student's hand and lead them into this land, where we can briefly take respite from the constant demands of modern life. Here, we can just BE, in the flow, completely absorbed, striving for our dreams, speaking in the secret language of music, together.

It would be an honor to teach you or your loved one.

Please write to me on my contact page if you're interested in setting up an introductory lesson where we can meet and see if we're a good fit. 

 Photo by Guillermo Ubilla

Photo by Guillermo Ubilla