*GPS won't always get you there.

Coming from Pantops and 250 bypass (just after the Free Union Bridge), turn onto 20 North, aka Stony Point Rd.

Drive about 4 miles, watching for stopped cars that might be turning off the road (there are no turning lanes, and traffic is fast).

You'll see a road called Wolf Trap going off to the right, a very twisty patch in the road, then Eastham on your right, then Eastham on your left a little farther down the hill.

(Turn on your left turning signal and slow down!)

Just after that, there is a guard rail on the left, with a gap in it. This gap is the turn off for the driveway. It should have a wicker star as well as a white sign with a moon on it you can keep an eye out for and the number 2512.

Feel free to park anywhere along the driveway. Eastham on the left could be a good spot for overflow parking if you can't find a spot at an event.

It's a big white house with a main entrance on the porch.
Just a side note that cell services is a bit unreliable, as the house is in "the holler."

 Photo via @thewildfeminine on IG

Photo via @thewildfeminine on IG